Mattress Types


Most popular type of mattress. Innerspring is constructed of coils and often layered with foam. 

Memory Foam

This type of mattress contours to the shape of the sleeper and distributes the applied weight evenly over it surface to eliminate pressure points. Also this mattress is great for absorbing movement. This material is anti-microbial and resistant to dust mites.

Gel Memory Foam

It is like traditional memory foam but better. The gel increase airflow and keeps the body cooler when sleeping





Standard Profile (  9" )

Most common height for a foundation

Low Profile  (  5" )

Low profile maybe desired if the standard profile makes your bed too high

Split Foundation

All King size mattresses require split foundation. Split foundations are available for queen mattresses as well. These are only used for small living spaces where regular foundations will not fit. Split foundations can be standard or low profile height

Mattress Comfort

Pillow Top

This type of mattress is made with extra cushioning layers on top of the mattress

Euro Top

This is a type of pillow top where there is a extra comfort layer sewn directly into the mattress. This enhances edge support and prevents slide off


A firm mattress offers the least surface give. Good choice for those that sleep primarily on their back and stomach


A plush mattress offers more surface give. This is a happy balance between pillow top and firm